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Elevators have been around for thousands of years, but only when Elisha G. Otis invented the world’s first safety break in 1852 did elevators become a safe and reliable mode of transportation. Otis ushered in the age of elevators in the Philippines as the first elevator to be used in the country, making mobility possible and easier in larger buildings ever since. Now over 80 years in the country, Otis continues to support the sustainability of growing cities across the archipelago through Concepcion-Otis Philippines, Inc. (COPI), a joint venture between Otis and Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC).


In the Philippines, COPI showcases its state-of-the-art elevators using green technology, which reduces energy consumption and costs.


According to Rajan Komarasu, Group Director of Alstra, the commercial division of CIC, residential and commercial developments have been driving the demand for elevators and escalators in the Philippines. Alstra houses Otis, along with the brands Carrier and Toshiba.


“The increase in larger projects involving taller buildings in Visayas and Mindanao, along with the continued growth of the BPO industry, also fuels this demand,” added Komarasu.


Since CIC acquired a major stake in Otis E&M Company Philippines Inc. in 2014 and took full responsibility for the operations and sales, COPI has been exhibiting significant growth in the Philippines every year.


Due to increasing demand for elevators and escalators, COPI has been boosting its local operations.


“To satisfy the market needs, we have increased our manpower in sales, support, and field operations. We have doubled the workforce to over 200 employees since 2014 to provide value and service to our customers,” he added.


Working towards achieving the latest ISO certification, Otis also streamlined its organization and processes. The company also puts more emphasis in delivering better customer satisfaction through product orientations and technical trainings with its employees and partners on the proper use and maintenance of Otis products.


Otis focused more on maintenance quality through technical trainings, improved responsiveness, and safer operations. “In 2015 and 2016, we spent over 20,000 hours in training our employees and business solutions partners on field installation and service, increasing efficiency and our customers’ confidence in our brands,” Komarasu said.


“We continuously upgrade our technicians’ skills and make sure that they are all professionally credited. Because of these initiatives, we have seen a noticeable improvement in Otis’ service as well as customer confidence in the brand”, enthuses Komarasu.


Otis recently received an award for Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) initiatives, from the OTIS Regional Office.



“Through Otis’ safe, energy-saving, and fast elevators and escalators, we at COPI combine global expertise and our local knowledge and experience to sustain the country’s development and create high-performance work, commercial, and residential environments,” Komarasu concluded.



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